About cookies?

The Princes Group operate a number of websites and intranets which use cookies. Cookies are small files that are placed on your computer when you visit a website. The most commonly used cookies are ‘analytical’ and allow website owners to gather anonymous information about how their website is used so that they may improve your experience. For example, they can count the number of visitors to the site or improve the user experience based on how easily users are able to find content. Other cookies may be used to help manage the functionality of the site or to remember any preferences you have selected. Additional cookies may be placed on your computer by other partners companies who’s services are used within our sites (e.g. for the delivery of online video or sharing links).

Princes only use cookies which we feel will help us provide you with a good experience of our websites. We do not gather any personally identifiable information unless you give specific permission for us to do so.

How to manage cookies in your browser

Most website browsers allow you to manage the use of cookies within the user preferences. If you wish to disable or delete cookies you should check the Help pages for the browser you use for instructions on how to do this. Please note that disabling or deleting cookies may affect the content and functionality available to you on a particular website.

About the cookies we use on our websites

Google Analytics

Used on all sites, including: princesgroup.com, princes.co.uk, aqua-pura.com, cookeen.co.uk, crispndry.co.uk, mazola.co.uk, trex.co.uk, crosseandblackwell.co.uk, trexcookeryschool.co.uk, napolina.com, jucee.co.uk, crispndrycelebration.co.uk, aquapura-promo.co.uk, everybottlecounts.co.uk, winwithprinces.co.uk, princes-foods.nl, vierdiamanten.com.

We use Google Analytics to help us develop the content and functionality of our web sites so they are more useful for you. The Google Analytics service is a simple application that uses cookies to gather anonymous information about your visit which is then aggregated to give us statistics about how well our websites are working. No personal information is gathered.

More information about how Google Analytics uses cookies can be found on Google’s help pages.

Cookie name Owner Description
__utma Google Analytics Lets Google Analytics know when you return to a website so we can see how many users come back to our site.
__utmc Google Analytics Used in conjunction with the utma cookie in some older versions of the Google Analytics tracking code.
__utmb Google Analytics Used during a single visit to a website so we can see which pages individual users looked at in that visit. It expires after 30 minutes and is completely anonymous.
__utmz Google Analytics Used to identify which site you came from so, for example, we can measure the usefulness of the links we place on certain other sites.


Website: www.everybottlecounts.co.uk

This site contains a counter to show users the donations generated for our chosen charity. A number of additional cookies are required to manage this function and to provide additional features information. It uses a service called AddThis, which is a content sharing and social insights platform that helps make it easy for website owners to provide, amongst other things, sharing options on their sites.

More information about AddThis can be found at support.addthis.com.

Cookie name Owner Description
__atuvc AddThis Helps to ensure share counter you see on the website updates properly after you’ve shared something.
psc AddThis View counter
uid AddThis Uniquely assigned machine-generated user ID
uit AddThis Stores the login time
uvc AddThis Measures how often we see an AddThis user
di AddThis Maintenance cookies that help manage expiration for other cookies
dt AddThis Maintenance cookies that help manage expiration for other cookies
ssc/ssh/sshs AddThis These cookies track sharing when the AddThis functionality is used
user_segment AddThis TBC
loc AddThis Geolocation information

Session ID

All sites.

Cookie name Owner Description
PHPSSID/ASP.NET_SessionId Local These are basic session cookies used for the normal operation of a website. They save a randomly generated code using letters and numbers to keep track of your session as you move from one page to the next, in order to remember selections or preferences made during your visit. The session ends and the cookie is usually removed when your browser is closed.

Cookie preferences

Websites: www.crispndrycelebration.co.uk, www.princesgroup.com

Cookie name Owner Description
CNDSESSION/ALLOWCOOKIES Propagate These cookies help a website to remember your preference when you choose to accept or reject cookies during your visit when prompted to do so. If you do not wish for a cookie to be used to remember this preference, you should consider disabling all cookies using your browser preferences.
cookies_notice Local Used to remember whether a notice about our use of cookies on the website has been shown during your current browser session. It expires and is removed when your browsing session ends.

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