PTM laboratory strives for operational excellence and aspires to maintain the customer satisfaction through the reliability of the test results. The Laboratory is LABCRED accredited and our moto is quality and integrity

To this end our aims are:

  • To deliver quality of work and providing accurate test results.
  • To use the appropriate technology and valid test methods
  • To use recognised or international test methods where available
  • Seeking to improve or change our process for the better
  • The laboratory personnel are committed to confidentiality and impartiality in all their activities.
  • To maintain staff competency through targeted training.


Tuna Mauritius


The laboratory performs on average 90000 tests per year. The laboratory is accredited in the following methods:

  • Histamine analyses using 2 methods: One is the fluorometric and the other method is based on the CD-ELISA principle.
  • Mercury analyses using 2 methods: One method is by digestion and is quantified through the atomic absorption spectrometer. The other is by direct analyses where there is no wet chemical preparation.
  • Cadmium analyses is performed by digestion and is quantified through the Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
  • Salt analyses are performed using a titrimetric method using Volhard principle.
  • Microbiology test in water for: E.coli, Total viable counts, E. Faecalis, P.aeruginosa and Sulphite reducing spore forming anaerobes.
  • Sterility and stability testing on canned products

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