Princes Tuna Mauritius believes in innovation and continuous improvement. Process product development team’s motive is to continuously innovate and improve the existing product and Process while focusing on conformity to various international standards.

PTM has a dedicated team for Process and Product Development. The team undertakes task and projects on the below:

Process development and optimisation
In a view to improve quality as well as being commercially competitive, various projects are being undertaken by the team.

Process Validation
Every process is validated to ensure product safety and to be align with various standards.

Thermal Process Validation
Thermal process development and validation of the product is done in house.  The company has its own Process Authority. The team is fully equipped with required technology, knowledge and experience to assure product safety.

New Product Development 
The team continuously explore new avenues to diversify and to satisfy our customer requirements.

Metrology is ensured by the in-house metrologist. Metrology is done accordingly to ISO-17025 whereby calibrations and verifications of all measuring equipment are performed by using reference standards which are traceable to the International System of Units (SI).


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